and i quote from ms.gwen stacy’s graduation speech from the amazing spider man 2 “what makes life valuable is that it doesn’t last forever, what makes it precious is that it ends”

and this is is my philosphy

humans are so easily blinded by doing things that don’t really matter. Things that don’t make us happy, truly and unconditionally happy. life has an expiration date and if you live it by doing things that are temporary, living it by doing things just cause it’s what’s “important” at the moment or it’s what will make you look “important” then in my opinion, excuse me, but you ain’t doing it right my friend.

so love lazy afternoons, enjoying the company of friends that makes you enjoy life’s quaintest and silliest form, like a funny snort you accidentally give off while laughing, noticing a full moon at its apex, doing a dance so your teacher won’t show up and laughing at “busybees” buzzing around chasing their “queen” around hungry for God knows what. It’s just so pathetic.

I am that girl, I am a slacker, I am lazy, at least i only seem so, but if you look closely i am that girl who don’t bother with shallowness and superficial things. I am that girl who knows something worth doing when i see it, i know a person worth spending my time on when i see him , i know the words worth saying from those that just pollutes peoples ears and intellectual traffic, i know songs worth listening to from those that just aggravatesteh death of brain cells, i know orders and advice worth following when i’m given them, i know the moments i have to speak up and stand up for myself from the moments i’d have to think twice before doing anything stupid and harsh and arrogant and i know asses worth kicking when i see it.

So sue me for spending my life in a way i see worth it.

Try it, it may sweeten the bitter taste.